Why Hotels Don’t Have Toothpaste

why hotels don't have toothpaste

When you’re staying at a hotel, you expect certain amenities to be available in your room. However, one item that is often missing from hotel bathrooms is toothpaste. You may wonder why some hotels don’t provide toothpaste, and what alternatives are available. In this article, we have spoken with industry professionals to provide insights on the reasons behind this, and how hotels manage guest expectations.

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Hotels skip toothpaste to save costs, meet guest preferences, and ensure hygiene. Some avoid plastic waste, urging guests to bring their own.

Amenity Availability in Budget vs. Luxury Hotels

AmenityAvailability in Budget HotelsAvailability in Luxury Hotels
ToothpasteNot providedMay or may not be provided
ShampooUsually providedUsually provided
SoapUsually providedUsually provided
ConditionerNot always providedUsually provided
Body washNot always providedUsually provided
LotionNot always providedUsually provided
Shower capNot always providedUsually provided
Sewing kitNot always providedUsually provided
Shaving kitNot always providedUsually provided
Comb/brushNot always providedUsually provided
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Cost-saving measures

One of the main reasons why hotels don’t provide toothpaste is because of cost-saving measures. “Toothpaste is not a high priority for guests, and hotels have to balance providing amenities with cost,” says Matt Landau, a vacation rental consultant. Toothpaste can be expensive, especially when purchasing in bulk to restock hotel rooms. Additionally, toothpaste has a limited shelf life and needs to be replaced frequently, adding to the cost. Budget hotels, in particular, may be more likely to skip providing toothpaste as a cost-saving measure.

Personal preferences

Another reason why hotels may not provide toothpaste is due to personal preferences of guests. “Providing a single brand and type of toothpaste may not be suitable for all guests, which can lead to negative reviews and complaints,” says Sarah Dandashy, a travel expert and hotel concierge. Hotels may also receive complaints from guests who have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients in toothpaste. To avoid potential issues, some hotels choose not to provide toothpaste at all.

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Hygiene concerns

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in hotel rooms is a top priority. However, toothpaste can pose a challenge in this regard. “Toothpaste can be messy and difficult to clean, especially if it gets on the sink or countertop,” says Landau. Additionally, toothpaste can be a potential health hazard for guests if it is not properly cleaned or disposed of. Toothpaste can also be a breeding ground for bacteria if it is not used up quickly and disposed of properly. This can pose a risk to guests, especially those with weakened immune systems.

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Environmental impact

Another factor that some hotels consider is the environmental impact of providing toothpaste. “Hotels are becoming more environmentally conscious and are looking for ways to reduce waste,” says Dandashy. Toothpaste tubes are not recyclable and contribute to plastic pollution in landfills and oceans. Encouraging guests to bring their own toothpaste or providing eco-friendly alternatives can help hotels reduce their environmental footprint.

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Alternatives to toothpaste

While toothpaste may not be available in all hotel rooms, there are alternatives that can still meet guests’ oral hygiene needs. “Hotels can provide toothbrushes, mouthwash, dental floss, or even natural or eco-friendly alternatives like charcoal toothpaste or baking soda,” says Landau. By providing these alternatives, hotels can still offer guests a level of oral hygiene care while also addressing some of the concerns that come with providing traditional toothpaste.

Personal Experience: A Guest’s Toothpaste Mishap

As a frequent traveler, I have stayed in a variety of hotels across the world. One particular experience stands out to me when it comes to the toothpaste mystery.

During a recent stay at a budget hotel, I realized that I had forgotten to pack my toothpaste. Upon checking the bathroom, I was disappointed to find that the hotel did not provide any. I decided to head to the nearby convenience store to purchase a small tube.

However, when I returned to the hotel, I found that the tube had burst open in my luggage, leaving a mess of toothpaste all over my clothes. It was an inconvenience and added an unexpected cost to my trip.

While I understand the cost-saving measures that hotels may have to implement, this experience made me appreciate the convenience of hotels that do provide toothpaste for their guests.

Managing guest expectations

To avoid negative reviews and complaints, it’s essential for hotels to manage guest expectations when it comes to toothpaste. “Hotels can communicate clearly on their website or during the booking process that they do not provide toothpaste in their rooms,” says Dandashy. Hotels can also offer toothpaste as an optional extra for guests who want it. This way, guests who prefer a particular brand or type of toothpaste can still have access to it.


In conclusion, hotels don’t provide toothpaste due to cost-saving measures, personal preferences, hygiene concerns, and environmental impact. However, hotels can still provide alternatives to toothpaste to meet their guests’ oral hygiene needs. By understanding the reasons why toothpaste is not provided and managing guest expectations, hotels can provide a better guest experience. Additionally, guests can request toothpaste from the hotel or bring their own.

FAQ – Toothpaste in Hotels

Q: Who should bring their own toothpaste when staying in hotels?

A: Guests should bring their own toothpaste when staying in hotels.

Q: What do hotels provide instead of toothpaste?

A: Hotels provide other toiletries such as soap and shampoo.

Q: How can guests get toothpaste if they forget to bring it?

A: Guests can usually request toothpaste from the front desk.

Q: Why don’t hotels provide toothpaste?

A: It is not cost-effective for hotels to provide toothpaste for every guest.

Q: What if a guest has an emergency and needs toothpaste?

A: Hotels may have emergency toothpaste available upon request.

Q: How can hotels address complaints about toothpaste not being provided?

A: Hotels can inform guests in advance that toothpaste is not provided and suggest they bring their own.

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