What Laundry Detergent Do Hotels Use: Unveiling Hospitality Linen Care

What Laundry Detergent Do Hotels Use

As someone who loves to travel and stay in hotels, I’ve often wondered – what kind of laundry detergent do hotels use to get those crisp, clean sheets smelling so fresh? With the enormous amount of laundry, hotels have to handle each day, they can’t just use regular laundry detergent from the supermarket. It turns out there’s a whole world of commercial-grade detergents designed for heavy-duty hotel laundry needs!

In this article, I’ll share some insider info on the most popular detergent brands hotels rely on, the cleaning power these commercial detergents pack, and what criteria hotels consider when choosing the best laundry products. Who knows, you might even get some useful tips to step up your own laundry game at home!

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Hotels typically use heavy-duty commercial detergents like Tide, Arm & Hammer, and Persil that are specially formulated to handle large loads, remove tough stains, and work with industrial hotel laundry equipment for cost-effective cleaning.

Big Brand Commercial Detergents are a Hotel Staple

Hotels need laundry detergents that can handle heavy use and get all kinds of stains out of their sheets, towels, tablecloths, and other linens. Some of the heavy-duty brand names I’ve spotted behind the scenes at hotels include:

  • Tide¬†– A laundry classic found in many hotels. The industrial-strength¬†Tide¬†formulas are designed for big, commercial loads.
  • Arm & Hammer¬†– Baking soda-powered¬†Arm & Hammer¬†is another trusted and effective cleaner, perfect for hotel laundry.
  • Persil¬†– This European brand offers concentrated commercial-grade¬†detergents¬†and is used across many large hotels.
BrandKey Features
TideIndustrial-strength cleaning power
Arm & HammerBaking soda-powered formula
PersilEuropean commercial-grade detergent

These commercial detergents are specially engineered to handle the unique needs of hotel laundry facilities – think high-efficiency machines, enormous loads, and heavy stains from multiple guests.

Why Commercial Detergents are a Must for Hotels

So why can’t hotels just opt for regular grocery store detergent brands? Commercial detergents are specifically designed with the following features:

  • Clean large loads efficiently – Hotel washing machines can handle huge loads of laundry. Commercial detergents are concentrated to work effectively across giant loads of linens and towels.
  • Cut through tough stains – From wine and coffee to makeup and blood, you name it and hotels have seen it when it comes to stains. Commercial detergents use powerful chemical cleaning agents, enzymes, and whitening formulas to break down stubborn stains.
  • Work in hard water – Many hotels operate using hard water which can limit cleaning performance. Industrial-grade detergents use special formulations to work effectively even in hard water conditions.
  • Cost-effective – Hotels have massive laundry demands every day. Commercial detergents are cost-efficient when purchased in bulk for frequent use.

When you’ve got mountains of sheets and towels to process daily, only heavy-duty commercial detergents can really make the grade!

What Laundry Detergent Do Hotels Use
Industrial laundry machines like this require specially formulated commercial detergents.

Key Criteria Hotels Consider For Their Laundry Programs

Choosing the right detergent is an important decision for hotels. Here are some of the factors they consider when selecting laundry products:

  • Stain removal ability – Finding a detergent that can conquer coffee, wine, grease, and other stubborn hotel stains is priority number one. Products are tested on common stains before being selected.
  • Works in all water conditions – Whether dealing with soft or hard water, the detergent needs to be effective across water conditions.
  • Cost-effectiveness – To stay profitable, hotels need an affordable detergent that offers value for the large volumes they require.
  • Scent – Fresh, clean-smelling sheets are pivotal for a good guest experience, so detergent scent is key.
  • Eco-friendly options – Many hotels now favor detergents with biodegradable formulas that are better for the environment.
  • Compatibility with machines – Making sure the detergent works well with a hotel’s specific commercial laundry equipment is vital.

By evaluating all these factors, hotels can dial in the ideal detergents to keep their laundry program running smoothly.

Special Laundry Procedures Keep Hotel Linens Spotless

Of course, the detergent is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to hotel laundry excellence. Properties follow careful procedures to keep linens, towels, and other items pristine:

  • Diluting concentrated detergents properly based on load size
  • Following fabric and color care instructions carefully
  • Pre-treating heavily soiled items before washing
  • Using optimal wash cycles for different items (sheets vs towels for example)
  • Adding whitening agents to boost the brightness of whites

Attention to detail at every step ensures fresh, clean linens ready for your hotel bed!

So the next time you slip between soft hotel sheets or step out of the shower to wrap up in a big fluffy towel, take a moment to appreciate the commercial-grade detergents and laundry procedures that make it all possible. Who knows – you might even find your new favorite detergent for your laundry at home. I know I’ll be on the lookout next time I pass the detergent aisle!


What are the most popular detergent brands used by hotels?

Tide, Arm & Hammer, and Persil are some of the top commercial detergent brands trusted by hotels for their cleaning power on large laundry loads.

Why can’t hotels just use regular grocery store detergents?

Regular grocery detergents are not formulated to handle the huge laundry volumes and tough stains that hotel linens generate. Hotels need heavy-duty commercial detergents designed for constant use.

What are some key features of commercial detergents?

Commercial hotel detergents contain concentrated formulas, stain-fighting enzymes, and whitening agents to clean effectively and efficiently at high volumes. They are also engineered to work in hard water.

Do hotels use special laundry procedures?

Yes, hotels follow careful steps for diluting, pre-treating, washing, and drying to keep linens fresh and clean. Optimal cycles, whitening agents, and fabric care instructions are followed.

Do commercial detergents work well for home use?

Many hotel detergents are available for consumers to purchase. They can provide extra cleaning power and stain removal for laundry at home too.

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