What Happens If You Smoke in a Hotel Room: Smoking Policies

What Happens If You Smoke in a Hotel Room

Before you light up that cigarette or cigar in your cozy hotel room, you may want to think twice. As someone who has traveled a ton over the years, I’ve learned the hard way that smoking policies in hotels have gotten really strict. Get caught breaking the rules, and you could end up hit with whopping fines or even get kicked to the curb!

Let me walk you through what typically goes down if you’re puffing away where you shouldn’t be. I’ll also share some pro tips I’ve picked up for how smokers can still get their nic fix without causing headaches. Trust me, you’ll thank me later if you avoid a midnight eviction or a bill for hundreds of dollars in cleaning fees.

Quick Answer 👇

If you smoke in a hotel room where it’s prohibited, you could face penalties such as cleaning fees, room charges, or even eviction.

Smoking Policies In Hotels Have Gotten Stricter Over The Years

It wasn’t that long ago that lighting up in your room was no big deal. But over the last decade or so, pretty much all the big hotel chains have cracked down hard and gone entirely smoke-free. Hilton, Marriott, and other major brands now prohibit smoking in any interior spaces – your room, the lobby, the pool area, etc.

Reasons for the Change
Health concerns about secondhand smoke
Reduce fire hazards
Lower cleaning costs

The days of having designated smoking rooms are mostly over too. Though some smaller, independent hotels may still allow smoking in certain rooms, it’s become the exception, not the norm.

Typical Penalties For Lighting Up Where You Shouldn’t

So what happens if you break the rules and puff away in a non-smoking room? Well, nothing good!

I once chatted with a front desk manager who told me they typically fine people $200-300 if they’re caught smoking where they shouldn’t be. And that’s on top of any fees to deep clean or deodorize the room, which can run $100-150 easily.

Ouch! It gets worse though. If your smoking really causes problems, the hotel can boot you out immediately without refunding your room rate. Nothing like getting kicked to the curb at 2am in your PJs to put a damper on your stay!

How Hotels Catch Smoking Scofflaws

You may be wondering how hotels even know if someone’s smoking in their room. Good question! They actually have a bunch of sneaky ways to detect it:

  • Obvious warning signs posted around the hotel about smoking policies
  • Staff can often smell smoke wafting from rooms or smoke detectors can pick it up
  • Burn marks, ashes, and smoke odor linger as visual cues
  • Fancy infrared sensors installed near air vents detect particles

I once saw a hotel using some type of laser beam near the ceiling that could tell if smoke was present. They’re getting pretty high-tech to catch violators!

Tips for Smokers
Ask about designated smoking areas
Request smoking room if available
Smoke outside away from doors
Use vapes or edibles instead
Be discreet and eliminate smells

Perspectives From The Hotel Industry

As a travel writer, I’ve gotten to chat with lots of hotel managers to get their take on smoke-free policies. They’ve helped me understand why these rules are so strict these days:

  • It’s a major health concern to allow smoking with secondhand smoke risks
  • Smoking causes much higher cleaning costs for rooms
  • They get lots of guest complaints about smoking
  • It’s a serious fire hazard that puts everyone at risk

At the same time, they admit that enforcement can be challenging when guests sneak it on the down low. But hotels have an obligation to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

In Closing

Whew, that was a lot, but I hope it gives you a good picture of what goes down if you light up where you shouldn’t! My advice is always call ahead to ask about policies, get a smoking room if you can, and look for designated areas. Be discreet, eliminate odors, and you’ll avoid potential issues.

FAQs: What Happens If You Smoke in a Hotel Room?

Q: Can hotel rooms tell if you smoke?

A: No, but they can detect the smell or evidence of smoking, leading to fines or charges.

Q: Can you smoke in a hotel room without getting caught?

A: It’s not advisable. Modern smoke detectors and cleaning practices make it likely that you’ll be detected.

Q: How do hotels clean smoking rooms?

A: Hotels use specialized cleaning techniques, including ozone treatments and deep cleaning, to remove smoke odors and residues.

Q: Is it bad to stay in a hotel room that smells like smoke?

A: It can be unpleasant and unhealthy due to lingering odors and potential allergens.

Q: Can a hotel charge you for smoking without proof?

A: Hotels may charge based on the smell or evidence of smoking, but proof isn’t always required.

Q: Do hotel sprinklers detect smoke?

A: No, sprinklers respond to heat, not smoke.

Q: What to do if you smell smoke in a hotel?

A: Notify the staff immediately to address the issue and possibly change your room.

Q: How do you cover up smoke smell in a hotel?

A: Using air fresheners or opening windows may temporarily mask the odor, but it’s best to report it to the hotel.

Q: Can I smoke in my room without smell?

A: Unlikely. Smoke tends to linger and leave traces even if measures are taken to conceal it.

Q: Is it okay to smoke in a hotel bathroom?

A: It’s generally against hotel policies, and smoke can still escape, affecting other guests and triggering alarms.

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