Hotels & Booking Websites That Accept Google Pay

Hotels & Booking Websites That Accept Google Pay

Staying at a hotel can be a wonderful experience, but the booking process is not always so wonderful. Searching for rooms, entering payment information on each website, and keeping track of all your reservations can be a headache. That’s where Google Pay comes in handy!

Google’s digital wallet platform streamlines hotel bookings by storing your payment information securely in one place. Instead of fumbling for your credit card each time, you can check out with just a few clicks using Google Pay. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top hotels and booking sites that accept Google Pay, making travel reservations a breeze.

Benefits of Using Google Pay for Hotel Bookings

Google Pay provides several advantages when booking hotel stays:

  • Convenience – Complete reservations faster by checking out with your stored payment info. No need to enter card details each time.
  • Security – Your actual credit or debit card numbers are never shared with merchants. Google Pay uses virtual account numbers for secure transactions.
  • Rewards – Gain rewards points for bookings through your linked credit cards.
  • Access – Use Google Pay on your Android device, iPhone, smartwatch or laptop for easy hotel reservations wherever you are.

With Google Pay, hotel booking is quicker, safer and more rewarding.

Major Hotel Chains Accepting Google Pay

Many top hotel brands now allow you to check out using Google Pay:


  • Can use Google Pay app or Chrome browser for bookings on Hilton website
  • Also works with Hilton Honors points redemptions


  • Add Google Pay during checkout on Marriott website or app
  • Compatible with Marriott Bonvoy program


  • Use Google Pay option when booking on Hyatt site
  • Also works with World of Hyatt loyalty program
Hotel BrandGoogle Pay Integration
HiltonWebsite, app, Hilton Honors
MarriottWebsite, app, Bonvoy rewards
HyattWebsite, World of Hyatt rewards

And many more top hotels allow Google Pay checkout on their sites or apps including Best Western, Radisson, and Wyndham chains.

Booking Websites Accepting Google Pay

In addition to hotel brands, many major travel booking sites have integrated Google Pay into their checkouts:

  • Expedia – Store cards on your Expedia account for Google Pay purchases
  • – Check out faster with Google Pay on app
  • – Select Google Pay option at checkout on
  • Priceline – Add Google Pay to web or mobile app bookings
  • Travelocity – Book with Google Pay as payment option on Travelocity
  • Hotwire – Store cards to use Google Pay at Hotwire checkout

The convenience of Google Pay is now available on many major travel websites to streamline booking.

Booking SiteGoogle Pay Integration
ExpediaAccount payments
Hotels.comApp checkout
Booking.comPayment option
PricelineWeb & app bookings
TravelocityPayment option
HotwireStored payments

How Google Pay Stacks Up

Google Pay provides a secure, quick way to complete hotel reservations through many major brands and travel sites. Key benefits include:

  • Works across multiple sites once cards stored
  • Faster checkout without re-entering details
  • Points/rewards integration on some hotels
  • Access reservations instantly from Google Pay app

The main drawback is Google Pay is not yet universally accepted by all hotel and travel brands. However, its acceptance is growing rapidly.

For travelers who want the absolute easiest way to book hotels, Google Pay is tough to beat. Avoiding tedious payment data entry alone makes it worth using when available. With mobile apps and instant access to reservations, Google Pay takes friction out of hotel booking.

Easy Hotel Reservations with Google Pay

Google Pay offers a streamlined hotel booking experience through its partnerships with top travel brands. Taking just seconds to check out, Google Pay makes completing reservations on your phone, laptop or watch seamless.

Next time you book a hotel, look for the Google Pay logo to enjoy a simpler payment process. Once you go Google Pay for the first booking, you may never want to enter card details manually again! Have you used Google Pay for hotels yet?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which hotels accept Google Pay for reservations?

A1: Many hotels, including Marriott, Hilton, and IHG, accept Google Pay for booking rooms. Check individual hotel websites or Google Pay’s list for specifics.

Q2: Can I book international hotels with Google Pay?

A2: Yes, Google Pay is accepted for booking hotels internationally, offering a convenient payment option for travelers around the world.

Q3: Are budget hotels on booking websites compatible with Google Pay?

A3: Yes, various booking websites like and Expedia allow you to use Google Pay to reserve budget-friendly hotel accommodations.

Q4: Is Google Pay secure for hotel bookings?

A4: Yes, Google Pay offers secure payment methods, protecting your financial information when booking hotels through its platform.

Q5: Can I use Google Pay to pay for hotel extras, like room service?

A5: Some hotels may accept Google Pay for additional charges, but it’s best to confirm with the specific hotel upon check-in.

Q6: Are there any discounts or rewards for using Google Pay?

A6: Some booking websites offer discounts or rewards when you use Google Pay for hotel reservations, so keep an eye out for promotions.

Q7: What do I need to book a hotel with Google Pay?

A7: To book a hotel using Google Pay, ensure you have the Google Pay app installed, add your payment method, and follow the booking process.

Q8: Can I cancel hotel bookings made with Google Pay?

A8: Yes, most hotels and booking websites allow you to cancel reservations made with Google Pay, but cancellation policies may vary.

Q9: Do boutique hotels accept Google Pay?

A9: Many boutique hotels accept Google Pay, but it’s advisable to check with the specific hotel to confirm their payment options.

Q10: Can I use Google Pay for group hotel bookings?

A10: Google Pay can be used for group hotel bookings, but check with the hotel or booking website for any specific requirements or limitations.

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