Can I Book a Hotel At 19? Learn Your Options

Can I Book a Hotel At 19

At the tender age of 19, I was ready to embark on my first solo adventure. Flush with a false sense of maturity and independence, I longed to prove my burgeoning adulthood by booking a hotel without the assistance or permission of my helicopter parents. Little did I know the challenges that awaited my naive ambitions. Armed with nothing more than an overconfident smirk and my parent’s credit card, I set out to navigate the perilous waters of securing lodging as an un-emancipated youth.

What I discovered was a tangled web of policies, restrictions and judgmental front desk staff dead set on thwarting my delusions of autonomy at every turn. My hard-won education in the school of hotel bureaucracy would leave me equal parts frustrated and humbled, grasping for the security of my childhood bed and the watchful gaze of my mommy and daddy. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Quick Answer 👇

You can book a hotel at 19. Many hotels accept reservations from individuals aged 18 and older. Check the specific hotel policies for confirmation.

Legal Requirements for Booking a Hotel Room

At 19, I was ready to take on the world. Or at least book my own hotel room. Turns out, the laws have a few things to say about that.

According to the ancient rules governing society, anyone under 21 apparently can’t handle the responsibility of renting a hotel room. Something about “minors” and “binding contracts.” Legalese mumbo jumbo.

The Fine Print

Hotels have to follow certain regulations to protect people’s privacy. That means checking ID at check-in to make sure you are who you say you are. If you’re under 21, no dice. Some hotels won’t even take a reservation from you. Bummer.

There are a couple ways around this. One, book the room for your parents or guardian and add yourself as an additional guest. Just be sure they’ll actually be there to check you in, or the front desk may turn you away when you show up solo.

Two, look for hotels that accept guests 18 and up. Some budget chains and motels cater to younger travelers and will rent you a room, no questions asked. You may not get turndown service and mints on your pillow, but you’ll have a place to crash.

Three, try booking through a third-party site like, Expedia or Some allow reservations for guests as young as 18. The front desk still may verify your ID, so choose a hotel with an 18+ policy to be safe.

The moral of the story? At 19, you can book into adulthood, but you may encounter a few roadblocks along the way. With some clever thinking, you’ll find a room of your own in no time. The adventures await!

Options for Booking a Hotel at 19

As a 19-year-old, booking a hotel room can be tricky. Most places have an archaic 21-year-old minimum age requirement, but don’t lose hope! There are still options for us youngsters looking for a place to crash after a late night out or needing to get away for the weekend.

National chains like Motel 6 and Red Roof Inn are pretty chill about renting rooms to anyone over 18. They’re basic but budget-friendly, perfect for a spontaneous road trip or music festival accommodations. If you’re willing to share a room with strangers, hostels are also an option. Some party hostels even have private rooms if you want to avoid the dorm life.

Airbnb is a solid choice too, since many hosts are open to guests under 21. You may have to message a few to find one willing to rent to a 19-year-old, but it can be worth it for a unique place to stay. Just be upfront about your age and the purpose of your trip. Some hosts may ask for a larger security deposit, but at least they’re open to talking.

While most fancy hotels and resorts will still turn their noses up at anyone under 21, us young adventurers have options if we look in the right places. All it takes is an open mind, a little extra searching, and a polite request. Our age doesn’t have to hold us back from weekend getaways and late-night escapades. There’s a big world out there waiting to be explored, one hotel room at a time!

Booking With a Parent or Guardian

Being under 21 comes with a lot of restrictions in life, but luckily booking a hotel room doesn’t have to be one of them. As long as you have a parent or guardian over 18 who’s willing to make the reservation for you, you can totally score your own hotel room.

Since hotels have to follow certain laws about renting to minors, your parent or guardian will need to provide their name, contact info, and probably a credit card to reserve the room. But after that, you’re basically free to check in and enjoy your stay like any other guest. Your chaperone doesn’t even have to stay with you—they just have to make the booking on your behalf.

Some hotels may charge an underage fee for guests under 21, usually around $20-$50 per night. But many major chains like Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt don’t have any additional fees for underage guests as long as someone of age makes the reservation. The front desk staff might ask to see your ID when you check in just to confirm you’re the person the room is booked under. As long as you have a valid government-issued ID, you should be good to go.

A few tips for booking as an underage traveler:

  • Choose a hotel with more lenient policies for under 21 guests. Call ahead to check on any additional fees or restrictions.
  • Have your parent or guardian provide their ID and credit card to add to the reservation. Some hotels may require the card to be present at check-in.
  • Be on your best behavior. Hotels can deny service to any guest for any reason, so don’t give them a reason to kick you out.
  • Take advantage of hotel amenities like the pool, gym, and room service. You’re paying for it, after all!
  • Consider booking a multi-room suite so you have your own private space. Your chaperone will appreciate it too.

So while you may still get carded at the bar, at least you can confidently book your own hotel room and enjoy a taste of independence. The possibilities for adventure await!

Using a Debit or Credit Card in Your Own Name

Using a Debit or Credit Card in Your Own Name

At 19, I was ready to spread my wings and experience independence for the first time. But booking a hotel on my own? That seemed daunting. I knew the name on my debit card was my dad’s, and I didn’t have a credit card yet. How was I going to reserve a room without him finding out?

Turns out, there are a few options for reserving a hotel at 19 using your own payment method. First, see if your bank offers the option to add an authorized user to your debit card account. Some banks allow cardholders to use a preferred name on their cards instead of the primary account holder’s name. If that’s possible, you can request your own name be added as an authorized user and order a card in your name linked to the account. Make sure you understand the liability and risks before going this route.

Another choice is opening your own credit card. Many major card issuers allow applicants as young as 18, as long as you have a steady income to pay the bill. Do some research to find a card tailored to those new to credit with a lower APR and limit. Once approved, you can use that card to book travel arrangements in your own name.

A final option is paying for the hotel in cash upon check-in. Call the hotel directly instead of booking through a third-party website. Explain your situation honestly but confidently, and request to reserve a room with a deposit you can wire them or pay on arrival. Some hotels may require you to be 21 to check-in, so ask about their policy upfront.

With independence comes responsibility, but by exploring the available choices, you can gain valuable experience handling finances and travel on your own. At 19, you’re ready to spread your wings—you just have to figure out the logistics. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Now go get that hotel room and enjoy your first taste of freedom.

Paying in Cash: What Hotels May Require

Paying in Cash

As a 19-year-old, booking a hotel room on your own can be tricky. Some places just don’t trust anyone under 21, as if the minute you blow out the candles on your 21st birthday cake, you automatically become responsible. Please. I’ve been doing my own laundry for years.

That said, there are still options for us youngsters looking for a place to crash that doesn’t involve sleeping on a friend’s couch. Many hotels will allow 18- to 20-year-olds to book rooms, but they often have additional requirements, like:

  • A hefty cash deposit. We’re talking $200 to $500 in case you throw a wild rager and trash the place. Not that you would ever do something like that, of course.
  • A credit card on file for “incidentals.” This basically means if you steal the robes, raid the mini bar, or break the TV, they can charge you for it. Even if you’re paying in cash for the room, many hotels want that credit card on file just in case.
  • Certain room restrictions. Some places may only allow you to book a standard room and pay in cash for a maximum of 3 or 4 nights. No suites or long-term stays for you, kiddo.
  • Calling ahead. This is really the key to avoiding any issues. Give the hotel a ring, speak to someone in reservations, and explain your situation. Ask what their policy is for 18- to 20-year-old guests paying in cash. They’ll lay out any requirements up front so you know exactly what to expect when you check in. No surprises.

The bottom line is, with some advance planning and patience, you absolutely can book a hotel room at 19. You may face a few extra hoops to jump through, but isn’t gaining your independence worth it? Keep calling around until you find a place that will welcome you with open arms, cash deposit or not. The adventure awaits!


Well, there you have it. The world of adulthood opens up like an oyster once you turn 18, but some pearls take a little longer to access. Hotels can be finicky about their age requirements, but with the right strategy and attitude, you can find a place to rest your head as a 19-year-old. It may require extra paperwork, a bigger deposit, waving your ID around like it’s the Olympic torch, and embracing your inner curmudgeon when dealing with skeptical staff. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. And when in doubt, there’s always the youth hostel. Now if you’ll excuse me, this old curmudgeon needs a nap. The quest for lodging at 19 has worn me out.

FAQ: Can I Book a Hotel At 19?

1. Can I book a hotel at 19 years old?

Yes, it is possible to book a hotel at 19 years old. Many hotels do allow guests who are 18 and above to make reservations. However, some hotels may have a minimum age requirement of 21. It’s essential to check the specific hotel’s policy before making a booking.

2. Do I need a credit card to book a hotel room?

In most cases, hotels require a credit card to book a room. The credit card is used to guarantee the reservation and may also be used for incidental charges during your stay. If you don’t have a credit card, some hotels may accept a debit card, but it’s best to confirm with the hotel directly.

3. Can I book a hotel online or do I have to call?

Yes, you can book a hotel both online and by calling the hotel directly. Many hotels have their own websites where you can make online reservations. Alternatively, you can call the hotel’s reservation desk to book a room over the phone.

4. What information do I need to provide when booking a hotel?

When booking a hotel, you’ll typically need to provide the following information:

  • Full name of the guest(s) staying in the room.
  • Contact information (phone number and email address).
  • Desired check-in and check-out dates.
  • Number of guests and the type of room you prefer (e.g., single, double, suite).
  • Credit card details to secure the reservation.

5. Can I book a hotel if I’m not the one staying?

Yes, you can book a hotel room for someone else. When making the reservation, you’ll need to provide the guest’s name who will be staying at the hotel. It’s a common practice for business travelers or family members to book rooms on behalf of others.

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