10 Must-Try Local Dishes at Plazamar Hotel’s Restaurant

10 Must-Try Local Dishes at Plazamar Hotel’s Restaurant

Welcome to Plazamar Hotel’s signature restaurant, where the flavors of Peru come alive on your plate! As a premier dining destination in Lima, our chef sources only the freshest local ingredients to craft iconic dishes that showcase the diversity of Peruvian cuisine. From crispy ceviche to creamy causas, spicy ají peppers to succulent guinea pig, your tastebuds are in for an unforgettable adventure.

So loosen your belt and get ready to discover the 10 must-try local specialties we proudly serve. These are the iconic plates that capture the essence of Lima’s culinary scene. ¡Buen provecho!

A Ceviche as Fresh as the Pacific Breeze

As the national dish of Peru, ceviche is the ultimate showcase of pristine raw seafood cured in citrus. The key is ultra-fresh fillets, like the glistening white fish or tender octopus our chef sources daily from the ports of Callao. These chunks of seafood are then marinated in our house mixture of lime juice, red onions, chilies, and cilantro. The citric acid gently “cooks” the fish, yielding a tender texture with a bright, tangy snap. Our ceviche is served with boiled sweet potato, toasted Peruvian corn nuts, and a wedge of lime to heighten the zesty flavors. With each cool, citrusy bite, you’re transported to the lively cevicherias of Miraflores.

TypeMain IngredientDescription
Ceviche ClasicoFresh white fishThe signature rendition with fish, lime juice, onions, chilies
Ceviche MixtoFish, shrimp, octopusA medley of seafood for the adventurous
Ceviche de PulpoOctopusTender young octopus in citrus, olive oil, aji limo

So start your meal with our ceviche as you soak in the energy of the Pacific surf right outside our windows. This appetizer encapsulates the essence of coastal Peru.

Lomo Saltado for a Burst of Flavor

For a taste of China-meets-Peru fusion, sink your fork into our sizzling lomo saltado. Strips of tender beef sirloin are stir-fried with onions, tomatoes, soy sauce, and ají amarillo peppers. Then we add the surprise Peruvian twist – crispy french fries! This hearty dish packs a flavor punch in every bite. As you enjoy the juicy beef and starchy potato combo, you’ll see why lomo saltado is a staple menu item at Peruvian restaurants worldwide. Our homemade ají amarillo sauce adds a fruity, moderately spicy kick that highlights the Chinese influence.

Lomo saltado sizzles with Peruvian-Chinese flair

At Plazamar, we wok-fry the beef to juicy perfection in imported Asian woks. Then deglaze with bold red wine to amplify the rich flavors in the sauce. Enjoy this lomo saltado with a chilled glass of Malbec to complete the China-meets-Andes experience.

Creamy Roasted Chicken: Aji de Gallina

For a comforting, creamy take on Peruvian roast chicken, order our traditional aji de gallina. Shredded chicken is stewed with ají amarillo peppers, then baked in a velvety sauce of milk, cheese, and creamy yellow potatoes. Each warm, soothing bite highlights the interplay of spicy and creamy. We garnish this soul-warming dish with hard-boiled eggs, olives, parsley, and rice on the side to soak up the luxurious sauce.

As the name suggests, aji de gallina originated as a dish using tasty game hens. But nowadays, it’s commonly made with succulent free-range chicken from the Andean highlands. At Plazamar, we source organic chickens from local farms to craft the most authentic, flavorful version of this iconic comfort food. One taste, and you’ll be hooked on the creamy peppery goodness!

Stuffed Potato Causa: A Taste of the Andes

For a cool, refreshing twist on Peruvian flavors, order our delicious causa rellena – a layered potato cake stuffed with your choice of fillings. We start with a base of whipped Yukon Gold potatoes seasoned with lime, ají amarillo, and olive oil. This lends a tangy creaminess to each bite. Our chef then layers the potato cake with your choice of succulent fillings:

  • Chicken – Shredded organic chicken tossed in aji pepper sauce
  • Crab – Lumps of fresh crabmeat mixed with creamy avocado
  • Salmon – Smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion, capers

A topping of silky avocado completes the cool, creamy experience. Causa rellena represents the rich agricultural bounty of the Andes, from creamy tubers to succulent seafood. Each bite encapsulates the diverse flavors of Peru.

Pisco Sour: The National Cocktail

What better way to complement an authentic Peruvian meal than with a classic pisco sour? This legendary libation showcases Peru’s iconic grape brandy, blended with tart lime juice, sugar syrup, egg white, and bitters. Our bartender freshly squeezes limes and shakes up each pisco sour to frothy perfection. The first sip intrigues your palate with smooth, grappy pisco contrasted by bracing lime. As the national drink of Peru, the pisco sour encapsulates the South American art of balancing bold, bright flavors. Sip this cocktail as you soak in Plazamar’s spirit of coastal Peru.

Classic pisco sour is frothy, tangy, and oh-so Peruvian

An Andean Original: Cuy Chactado

For an authentic taste of the Andes mountains, be daring and try our roasted cuy chactado – crackling skin guinea pig. Don’t let its cute appearance deceive you – cuy has been enjoyed for millennia in Peru and was considered sacred by the ancient Incas. At Plazamar, our chef sources only prime, free-range cuy raised on Andean family farms. They are fed a diet of herbs, grass, and corn to yield tender, succulent meat.

The cuy is marinated in bold Peruvian spices then slow-roasted to crispy perfection. Served whole and accompanied by sauces, potatoes, and salad, our cuy chactado represents an iconic tradition of rustic Andean cuisine. Be daring and add this bucket list delicacy to your Peruvian food experience! Each aromatic, juicy bite connects you to centuries of highland culture.

Rocoto Relleno: A Spicy Twist

For a satisfying vegetarian option with a kick of heat, try our roasted rocoto relleno – mildly hot rocoto peppers stuffed with a savory filling. Unlike bell peppers, the rocoto packs a pleasant punch of spiciness. We carefully roast these emerald Peruvian peppers until tender. Then we stuff them with a hearty medley of sauteed onions, mushrooms, olives, nuts, and creamy cheese. Each bite of the relleno delivers a nice contrast between the crispy pepper shell and rich filling. The spice level warms your palate without overpowering the other flavors. Rocoto relleno encapsulates the essence of Peruvian cuisine: a perfect balance of contrasts.

Potatoes Get Royal Treatment: Papa a la Huancaina

For a deceivingly simple yet satisfying side, try our papa a la huancaina – creamy spiced potatoes. We boil Yukon Gold potatoes until perfectly tender, then serve them bathed in a rich, cheese-based pepper sauce called huancaina. Tangy and ever-so-slightly spicy, the huancaina sauce lends a decadent flair to the humble potato. Garnished with hard-boiled egg and black olives for a salty bite, these dressed-up potatoes are the ultimate kingly accompaniment to Peruvian entrees. Each creamy forkful pays homage to the central role of the potato in Andean cooking.

Seafood Medley: Arroz con Mariscos

For a taste of the bounty from the Pacific, dive your fork into our saffron-infused arroz con mariscos. This colorful rice dish teams the freshest catch of the day – shrimp, scallops, mussels, and fish – with aromatic saffron rice. We gently pan fry the mixed seafood just until cooked, then combine everything with yellow rice laced with onions, peppers, peas, carrots, and saffron threads. The result is a medley bursting with the essence of coastal Peru.

Each spoonful of our arroz con mariscos encapsulates the ocean’s perfect balance of briny seafood, colorful produce, and fragrant spices. Enjoy this classic rice dish while gazing out Plazamar’s floor-to-ceiling windows at the shimmering Pacific. A bite of Peru’s ocean bounty doesn’t get fresher than this!

A Sweet Ending: Suspiro Limeño

Now it’s time for the perfect ending to your Plazamar culinary journey – a decadent suspiro Limeño. Our chef handcrafts this beloved dessert by layering the flavors of Peru: a base of dulce de leche custard, a cloud of meringue, and dusting of cinnamon. Each component encapsulates a facet of Peruvian cuisine. The dulce de leche showcases Peru’s fine milk and sugar resources, while the meringue highlights the Spanish influence. Together, they create a sweet symphony that melts-in-your-mouth.

As you savor each luscious bite, listen for the “sigh” (suspiro) of enjoyment from diners. Our suspiro Limeño is the ultimate blissful ending to a journey across Peru’s diverse culinary landscape. With 10 iconic dishes now under your belt, you’ve truly experienced the spirit of Peruvian cuisine here at Plazamar. We hope these local flavors inspire you to further explore the riches of Peru!

¡Buen provecho y gracias por visitarnos!

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